Trupet (TruDog & TruCat)

Like many great beginnings, the TruDog story started with unconditional love…the love of one very special dog. The name “TruDog” comes from founder Lori R. Taylor’s Great Dane named Truman. It is Truman’s legacy that sparked Lori’s life goal to educate fellow dog owners on the hidden costs associated with buying cheap and highly processed dog kibble.

The rise of dog cancer is hard to ignore. Many dogs, just like Trudog Founder Lori R. Taylor’s beloved Great Dane, Truman, are dying young even with the very best love and care. That question is, WHY? Isn’t it preventable? When Lori, set out to find out what had robbed her precious beloved Great Dane of his health. What she found was an appalling cover-up perpetrated by the big name dog food companies.

Simply put, the majority of popular commercial dog foods are filled with carcinogens and void of real nutritional value. The cause of Truman’s illness was as near as his food bowl. He had been slowly poisoned by the very food that was meant to sustain and nurture him. If you’ve ever really read the ingredients label on your dog’s food, you’re likely to be left confused, dismayed, or even horrified.

And the sad truth is there aren’t many options available for informed, caring pet parents who want fresh, healthy food free from contaminants and carcinogens. Frustrated by the lack of options available, Lori created her own line of healthy products for dogs… so every dog could have a better chance at a long, healthy, vibrant life through better nutrition. That is TruDog’s mission… to help dogs live longer, healthier and happier lives.

And now, TruDog is America’s #1 Anti-Aging Nutrition System for dogs, helping millions of dogs and dog parents celebrate longer, healthier lives filled with unconditional love.

Remember… Your choice is your dog’s voice!