Neel Grover

Operating Partner

Neel Grover is the Founder and CEO of, an engagement video and shopping platform. Neel was previously the Chief Executive Officer of, and where he led great teams and  Read More

Gigi Lee Chang

Operating Partner

Gigi Lee Chang is the Managing Director of FoodFutureCo, a scale-up accelerator focused on helping mission driven entrepreneurs working across the food system to cross the “scary chasm” of early stage growth.  Read More

Anthony Arnold

Fund Legal Counsel

Harvard Law School, J.D., Harvard College, B.A., magna cum laude Mr. Arnold’s practice focuses on private equity and venture capital. Mr. Arnold is an experienced corporate, finance, M&A,  Read More

Greg B. Fleishman

Operating Partner

Greg has created and grown some of the world’s largest and most successful brands during his 18-year career – launching 500+ items across 17 food and beverage categories into 12 countries – with a primary focus on the “green Space”.  Read More

Matt Spolar

Operating Partner

Matt Spolar has 17 years of senior executive leadership experience across the food/beverage sector. Brands & business have included: Atkins, Slimfast, AVON, Hickory Farms, EBOOST, Nutrimix Labs, and PacificHealth Labs.  Read More

Jim Tonkin

Operating Partner

James S. Tonkin, a 37 year veteran, is a private sector brand marketing and beverage development professional who has designed and implemented national infrastructure for his clients in the food and beverage industry. Tonkin has  Read More

Rachel Zemser

Operating Partner

Rachel Zemser has over 18 years of experience in Food and Beverage development in both technical and creative roles and has been widely published in trade journals like Culinology, Food Product Design, Prepared Foods,  Read More

Ross Howe

Senior Advisor

Ross W. Howe is founding member of mophie inc ( acquired by ZAGG for over $100MM in 2016. Ross currently serves as CEO and Founder for the sustainable tech accessory leader Nimble (, specializing in sustainable   Read More

Scott Cohen

Senior Advisor and Investor

Scott Cohen holds a Bachelors Degree from Indiana State University along with an MBA from San Diego State University. His flexibility and varied skill set has made him an extraordinary businessman. Scott owns The Drip Coffee, a chain of mobile  Read More

Filipp Chebotarev

Chief Operating Officer / General Partner

As Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner of Cambridge Companies SPG, Filipp oversees all daily operations, develops and maintains strategic partnerships, handles special situations and drives initiative for  Read More