Filipp Chebotarev

Filipp Chebotarev

Chief Operating Officer / General Partner

As Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner of Cambridge Companies SPG, Filipp oversees all daily operations, develops and maintains strategic partnerships, handles special situations and drives initiative for organizational growth.

Filipp graduated from University of California Irvine with honors and went on to obtain a wide array of experience in politics, business, revenue operations and organizational development.

  • S. Congress – Constituency Representation – Congressman Ed Royce.
  • Revenue Operations at DaVita Healthcare Partners – Fortune 500 Company ($12 Billion annual revenue)
  • Pelican Point Capital – Global Merchant Bank – Advisory Board
  • Once Upon a Farm – Organic, Non-Gmo, HPP Baby Food Company ($7B Market Sector) – Investor/Board Member
  • 4th & Heart –#1 Ghee Butter Brand in North America –  Board Member/Lead Investor
  • Tosi – Global Nutrition Brand with products for sale in North America, Europe and the Middle East – Investor and Board Member
  • Sol-ti – Highest Velocity Refrigerated Beverage Brand in the US – Investor / Board Member.
  • Funding Shield – National Mortgage Fraud Detection and Prevention FinTech Security Company – Investor / Strategic Advisor
  • The Coconut Cult –  Major Investor and Board Member.
  • Vive Organics – Seed Investor / Series B Investor (Sold to Suja Juice)
  • Ancient Nutrition – Investor
  • Starbird Chicken – Investor
  • Tidal Vision – Major Investor
  • LifeAid / FitAid – Major Investor/ Board Member
  • Privé Revaux – (Global Eye Wear Brand) – Major Investor (Sold to Safilo)

While working at the 39th Congressional District of California Filipp maintained and developed new relationships with business, government, community and other constituency groups. Filipp was responsible for various reporting aspects to keep Congressman Ed Royce informed on local and national scale events that had an impact on legislation and political positions relevant to the Representative and his District.

Filipp later transitioned into a corporate role with DaVita and worked from the Irvine, CA corporate business office. During his tenure Filipp was directly responsible for Revenue Operations of two of the largest billing regions that make up the organization. He oversaw weekly and monthly billing cycles for regions that comprise roughly 70% of the $12 Billion U.S. based revenue, oversaw the revenue integration of several key acquisitions and JV partnerships, reviewed Revenue Operations and Compliance reports in accordance with SOX (Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002.) Aside from Revenue Operations Filipp was a leading member of the National Innovation Committee which focused on organizational development, process engineering, process improvement and team building. His team was responsible for acquiring over 700 new dialysis centers and vertically intergrading these acquisitions into the parent company. His efforts also contributed to new JV partnerships for DaVita in nine countries in Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

At Cambridge SPG Filipp also oversees corporate public relations campaigns and evaluates investments for discernable social impact. He maintains strategic partnerships with board members, high value clients and holds key board seats at Cambridge SPG Portfolio Companies. Mr. Chebotarev shares a board seat at Once Upon a Farm LLC along with actress Jennifer Garner, a rapidly growing baby-food company and others. Filipp is considered one of the nation’s top subject matter experts on real estate and venture capital transactions. Mr. Chebotarev has extensive experience in finance and organizational development. Filipp Chebotarev sits on the advisory board of Pelican Point Capital, a Global Merchant Bank based in Newport Beach, CA.

Mr. Chebotarev is a Strategic Opportunity Investor in real estate, Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist with a strong focus in Food/Beverage, Technology, Hardware, Fin-Tech, Biomedical, Healthcare, and other sectors. “My ultimate motivators are the relationships in my life; my family, my friends and the ability to give back to my community. I do what I say, say what I do and keep integrity at the core of everything I do.” Filipp Chebotarev is a underwriter and major donor to Harvesters – Food Bank in Orange County, Major Donor to the JNF, American Cancer Society, and Actively Involved with Shoes That Fit, a 501 C 3 empowering children in low income demographic areas.