Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Who We Are

To invest in highly skilled operators of disruptive category leading companies in the Food & Beverage / Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector. Our focus is on revenue generating companies, that have broken down the barriers of entry into the market, have established infrastructure to scale nationally and have a clear pathway to liquidity via M&A sale to a strategic or private equity buyer or Initial Public Offering (IPO).

By focusing a significant portion of capital allocation on later stage companies we believe we are targeting companies with the possibility of above average returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

In concert, our social mission is to incrementally revolutionize the nutritional landscape of the United States as well as the world and through this create social impact by increasing availability of nutritionally superior food and beverage products for mass market.

Unlocking Value

At Cambridge Companies SPG, we apply our capabilities as a leading investment firm to deliver solutions, turn opportunities into value and propel growth. The capital we deploy on behalf of our investors fuels the development of businesses and communities. Our disciplined strategy and meticulous attention to detail gives us a competitive edge. We focus on transaction quality over quantity and place the fiduciary responsibility to our investors ahead of all else.

Our Team

The deep expertise of the Cambridge Companies SPG team gives us a base of intellectual capital on which to draw. We don’t have employees, we have teammates. All striving to achieve a common goal.

Our Scope

Our businesses and holdings are diversified across regions and categories, giving us the expertise and access to resources and ability to take advantage of investment opportunities in varied verticals of the global economy.

Our Performance

Our performance is characterized by a record of superior risk-adjusted returns across a broad and expanding range of asset classes and through all types of economic conditions. We aggressively seek, evaluate and execute on opportunities with a balanced and conservative approach in good economies. We acquire distressed assets during economic downturns.

Let’s make something great together.