Matt Spolar

Matt Spolar

Operating Partner

Matt Spolar has 17 years of senior executive leadership experience across the food/beverage sector. Brands & business have included: Atkins, Slimfast, AVON, Hickory Farms, EBOOST, Nutrimix Labs, and PacificHealth Labs.

From 1999-2007, Matt was the VP, Product Technology, for Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.. While at Atkins, Matt was a senior executive and equity shareholder overseeing cradle-to-grave new product/business development, cost of goods sold optimization, manufacturing, quality systems, and scientific/regulatory affairs. Matt successfully launched three product portfolios that collectively generated >$1bn in revenue and delivered a >60% raw margin. He also oversaw the development and launch of over 200 other products across several product categories including frozen foods, refrigerated goods, bakery, deli, main aisle snack, confectionery, and specialty food service.

Since Atkins, Matt has been intimately involved with leading new business development ventures and strategic restructuring assignment with Hickory Farms, AVON, Nutrimix Labs, and PacificHealth Labs.

More recently, Matt participated in the acquisition of Slimfast from Unilever in 2014. Terms of the deal are confidential. While at Slimfast, Matt served as VP, Operations and later as VP, Innovation. Matt oversaw production across multiple contract manufacturers, executed a cost-effective and nimble supply chain solution for the newly acquired asset, designed a robust, consumer-insight driven NPD portfolio that repositioned the brand for growth, built a flexibly global technical program, and negotiated millions of dollars in annual savings through aggregate procurement and strategic RFPs. Since acquisition date, company revenues have increased >40%.

Currently, Matt is serving as COO of EBOOST, a small-cap supplements company that is targeting today’s health-focused consumers. Over the past 9-months Matt has been integral in strategically repositioning the brand and restructuring the business for long-term growth. YOY revenue is up >36%, revenue deductions are down 23%, and gross profit is up >50%.

Throughout his career, Matt has participated in a successful equity recapitalization ($570M), an efficient US bankruptcy filing ($283M) and effective re-emergence (6-months), two strategic turnarounds, a controlling interest merger ($115M), and a strategic restructuring of a foreign asset.

In summary, Matt’s professional passion lies in structuring nimble business platforms that mine latent assets while capitalizing upon new insight-driven opportunities. Matt’s mantra is simple: know your consumer, connect with your consumer, and continually identify new ways to grow with your consumer.