Filipp Chebotarev

Chief Operating Officer / General Partner

As Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner of Cambridge Companies SPG, Filipp oversees all daily operations, develops and maintains strategic partnerships, handles special situations and drives initiative for  Read More

Polina Chebotareva

Vice President / General Partner

Polina Chebotareva is an innovative pioneer with a comprehensive background in business, economics, strategic opportunity investments and venture capital transactions. Prior to joining co-founding Cambridge Companies SPG Polina was an  Read More

Tim Mudrick

Managing Director

Tim Mudrick is Managing Director at Cambridge SPG. Prior to joining Cambridge, Tim held various leadership positions at Masimo Corporation (NASDAQ: MASI,) a $12B Market Cap medical device company in Irvine, California.  Read More

Marko Crawford Barker

Venture Partner

Marko Crawford Barker has a vast array of experience as a finance executive having been a partner and/or Director of Development of over 50 different commercial high-rise office, retail and custom residential  Read More

Michael Levitin

Chief Analytics Officer

Mr. Levitin joins Cambridge Companies from an extensive background in analytics and finance. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Finance, with a minor in Mathematics, Economics, and Business Administration from CSU-LA in 2010  Read More

Gerle Cenga

Office Manager

As the Office Manager at Cambridge Companies, Gerle Cenga oversees all day-to-day operations, provides support to the executive team, and oversees investor communications. Gerle has been with Cambridge Companies since 2010. Prior to  Read More